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Granting the CNB licence

provider / intermediary

The provider and the intermediary have to fulfil a set of statutory obligations. The Association of Legal Protection together with certified external partners has arranged a package of services to help you to meet all the requirements in the established time period and thus to enable you to continue with your activities. The package also includes filing an application at the CNB and representation at licensing proceedings.

The package below contains a complete set of activities you should comply with /undertake according to our team of experts. Naturally, it is up to you which services you make use of, the price remains the same.

The table below also recommends the time when to start the given activities in view of the fact that you are obliged to submit the application at the CNB within three months after the legislation coming into force, that is approx. January 2017.We point out that the number of certified persons is considerably limited and therefore the preparatory work for meeting the conditions for licensing provision or mediation of consumer credits needs to be commenced in time.

Price for the complete preparation, certification and training will oscillate (for the association members) around 250.000 CZK.




Recommended period of initiation

Basic price




The law clearly sets the responsibilities that have to be published and, on the contrary words and phrases that should not be used. The audit of your website is the basic prevention against financial penalties and one of the conditions for obtaining a business licence from the CNB.

before legislation


18 500 CZK


Professional competence


  The courses are taught by experts in the field. The aim of the course is to explain to you the area so that you are able to subsequently pass the examination of professional competence according to the regulations of the CNB. The training is aimed at workers of the provider / intermediary. immediately 2 000 CZK

Expertise training

  We are preparing for you in-depth courses intended for owners of companies and top management. The aim of these trainings is the explanation and detail analysis of all topics associated with the provision or mediation of consumer loans. The training will be in the form of so called residential school (long weekend). The price includes accommodation, food etc.

before legislation enforcement

8 000 CZK

(1 day)


Professional competence


  An integral condition for the grant of the licence is the demonstration of knowledge laid down by law and the regulations of the CNB. The examination of professional competence of each employee of the organization (communicating with the consumer) is the condition for granting the licence.

within 3 months

after the law enforcement

7 500 CZK

Preparation for certification

  Help in the creation of mandatory standards and directives so as to reflect the law requirements, the CNB regulations and the auditor. The price is indicative and will be precisely determined following the size and readiness of the organization. immediately  80 000 CZK


  Certification audit according to your choice. The certification clearly demonstrates the statutory obligations. You have the option to choose which certifications you will undergo. The basic certification is Trusted Provider of Loans Standard TPL 1607.

within 3 months

after the law enforcement

 65 300 CZK

Submition of the application to the CNB


The processing of the application, checking for completeness and compliance with the requirements, the submission of the application and subsequent defence before the CNB.

within 3 months

after the law enforcement

 35 000 CZK