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Professional Competence Examination

according to the Act on Consumer Credit

The conditions are laid down in the act, see viz §60 and further in the CNB implementing regulation §9.

Commentary: Professionally competent is a person who has reached and completed at least a secondary education and has successfully passed the Professional Competence Examination at an accredited company.


The basic estimated price for the professional competence examination is 8.500 CZK / person, for Legal Protection Association members 7.500 CZK / person. To apply for the Professional Competence Examination.

In the event that you need help in the preparation for the Professional Competence Examination a few solutions are ready for you. For more information click here.

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Examination of Professional Competence

Excerpt from the CNB implementing regulations:

§ 9 Minimum standard of a professional examination and the manner of its assessment (§ 68 para. 1 and 2 of the law on the consumer credit) (1) The professional examination lasts a total of 120 minutes; 90 minutes to examine the expertise and 30 minutes the skills. (2) The examinee is asked 60 test questions intended for the expertise examination; the individual areas of each group of expertise must be fairly represented. (3) The skills of the examinee are tested on 2 case studies; each contains 5 test questions aimed at demonstrating the capabilities according to § 4a. (4) Each test question has four possible answers. Two thirds of the test questions intended for the expertise examination and all test questions designed for examining the skills have only one possible correct answer. One third of the test questions intended for the expertise examination have more than one correct answer or no correct answer; each incorrectly selected variant of the answers makes the whole answered test question wrong. (5) In order to successfully complete the professional examination the examinee needs to answer correctly at least three quarters of the test questions; correctly answered questions from a range of skills have double value at the evaluation. (6) to answer correctly at least three fifths of the test questions from the relevant area referred to in § 59 para. 4 of the Act on the consumer credit. For a successful completion of the professional examination is also needed that the examinee § 10 The rules of updating the questions, their provision to accredited persons and dealing with them.

§ 68 para. 1 of the law of the consumer credit (1) The number of the prepared questions testing the expertise must not on the update fall under 1200, the number of case studies under 40, the set of test questions is updated every half term. Professional examinations may be organized according to the set of questions before the update not later than a month after publishing the update by the Czech National Bank. (2) The set of test questions is published on the Czech National Bank websites. The questions together with correct answers are sent by the Czech National Bank to accredited persons via the data box every half a year. The accredited person shall take all the possible steps in order to cover the correct answers. (3) The accredited person creates individual test variants shortly before the professional examination performance. The order of correct answers for individual examination questions is established differently for each test variant. At the same time an accredited person shall carry out all necessary measures in order to cover individual test variants.


Professional Competence according to the Act of the Consumer Credit

(1) By the professional competence for the purposes of this law is understood gaining general and professional knowledge and skills essential for the provision or intermediation of the consumer credit.

(2) The general knowledge is proved by the graduation examination certificate or by a certificate of higher education completion.

CELEX: 32014L0017

(3) Professional knowledge and skills for the provision or intermediation of the consumer credit are proven by a certificate of a successful performance of the professional examination according to this law. The professional examination must be performed in a provable manner. The professional examination can also be only in a written form.

CELEX: 32014L0017

(4) By the professional knowledge and skills for the provision or intermediation of the consumer credit are for the purposes of this act understood for a group the expertise of

a)   provision or intermediation of the consumer credit other than for housing

1.   the knowledge in the range of the professional minimum of the financial market,

2.   the basic knowledge of the structure, subjects and functioning of the consumer market of the consumer credit other than for housing,

3.   the knowledge of the regulation of the market of the consumer credit other than for housing,

4.   the knowledge of ethical standards of the market of consumer credit other than for housing, if they exist,

5.   the knowledge of lending and of products of the consumer credit other than for housing,

6.   the knowledge of additional services related to the consumer credit other than for housing,

7.   basic knowledge of the principles of the process of assessment of the consumer´s creditworthiness and

8.   the abilities to properly explain the products of a consumer credit to the consumer, to carry out the basic analysis of the consumer credit products and offer the consumer a product which best suits their needs